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Highlights as an Artistic Educator

Sharing my passion through education

I have taught dance and theatre to ages 1-76; I actually began teaching when I was only 13, as a teaching assistant at my synagogue. Over the years (and once I turned 18), I had more and more opportunities to help young performers hone their craft and discover a love for theatre. I am always looking for new students to work with, and am comfortable giving both private lessons and group classes of 25+ students. I teach private voice lessons, dance, and audition prep. Contact me for more information!


I Can Do That Performing Arts Center

Teaching Artist and Summer Series Director

At ICDT!, I have worked as a core teaching artist for summer camp,  rotating between ages 4-6, 7-9, 9-12, and 13-18. I developed and taught classes and activities related to dance, musical theatre history, choreography, costume design, acting, and improvisation, and more. I also serve as the director-choreographer for their Studio Performance Series, a program I designed to allow low-stake and short-term commitment performance opportunities. These showcases had rehearsal periods of 1-2 weeks, with daily 90 minute rehearsals, culminating in a costumed in-studio performance. This program provides series both for young students, and for adults looking to try out theatre.

Tutu School

Early Childhood Education Dance Instructor

I use the medium of ballet to bring joy and educational development through the tools of early childhood education. In this role, I plan my own curriculum and teach lead classes of 3-12 students, with ages ranging from 18 months – 5 years.

Beth Chaim Congregation

Dance and Improvisational Theatre Elective Instructor

I was the first ever teenager to be promoted from Teacher’s Assistant to Teacher, at only 16 years old. In this position, I worked with students in grades K-7, taught Hebrew, and served as a substitute teacher. Within my elective, I developed and taught curriculum combining dance and theatre with Jewish values and traditions. I continued this position throughout high school, and still maintain connections with the students I taught, many of whom have now gone on to pursue theatre and dance in high school and beyond.

Educator: Portfolio

I Wrote a Book!

During Summer 2021, I participated in Pomona College’s RAISE program, which funded individual student research projects during the pandemic. For mine, I spent the summer researching the many different facets of theatre, from lighting to producing to working with kids. It is so important to me to understand as much of the theatre as I can, both for the tangible skills, as well as the empathy and compassion that comes with truly understanding the roles of your team members. So that is what I set out to do! I read about everything, from Stanislavsky to Spolin to Theatrical Intimacy. I interviewed directors, producers, and artistic directors from across the country. I also got hands-on experiences creating theatre and utilizing these skills myself. And, as my final project, I compiled all of my findings into a book that I am so excited to share with everyone.

Educator: Bio
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