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Technical and Production Skills

In addition to my other work in the theatre, I have worked on the technical and design side as well, as a Stage Manager, Head Electrician, Lighting Designer, and more.

Head Electrician

I began as a theatrical electrician at Pomona College and was promoted to Audio and Electrics Supervisor, our version of a Head Electrician. I lead the electrics team for all load-ins, focus days, and strikes. Most recently, I have served as an interim Master Electrician at Pomona College, managing all lighting for our production of Three Sisters, while we are in-between Master Electricians.


Lighting Design

In addition to extensive experience as an electrician, I have had the opportunity to design myself for Barrington Stage Company's Musical Theatre Conservatory cabaret performances, which I also stage managed, and Pomona College's Fall Dance Concert, "In The Works 2022."

Stage Management

I have worked as a stage manager for Berkeley Playhouse YouthStage (Cats!, 2021), and Barrington Stage Company's Musical Theatre Conservatory (2022).


The Rest

As any good multi-hyphenate does, I have plenty of random theatre skills that don't fit into a category. I have experience with set painting and construction, grant writing, wardrobe supervising, sewing, and much more. I have recently been expanding my carpentry skills and can build basic flats and set pieces, using tools such as a radial arm saw, table saw, chop saw, and drill.

Production: Portfolio
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