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About Me

A Multi-Faceted Artist and Leader

As an artist, I am a multi-hyphenate. This word has been gaining traction recently, as we see more and more singer-songwriters and actor-producers. But I have a few more hyphens than that; I see myself as a director-choroegrapher-educator-performer-leader-creator, with a focus in creating a theatrical atmosphere of consent and trauma-informed practices. While this title might seem a little ridiculous for a common slate or elevator pitch, these facets of myself are exactly what I bring to my art. 

I began as a dancer, training with studios throughout the Bay Area. In high school, I began to truly dive into musical theatre. I was still constantly taking dance class, but now I was in rehearsals, often working on two shows at once--one through my school's theatre department, and one extracurricularly, at the I Can Do That Theatre Company (ICDT). 

While I started as a performer, my passion for the other facets of theatre and theatre education quickly grew. Soon, I was a director-choreographer at my school, a dance captain and assistant costumer at ICDT, and was teaching dance and theatre classes to grades K-7 at my synagogue.

Now, my passion has only grown. I am an emerging director-choreographer, and constantly continue to hone these skills, while also learning other aspects of theatre, such as lighting, dramaturgy, producing, and stage management. In college, I founded and served as the Artistic Director of Spotlight MT, the only musical theatre company at The Claremont Colleges.

 Recently, I was lucky enough to get to know the artistic community of the Berkshires as well, as a Stage Management and Arts Administration Intern at Barrington Stage Company's 2022 Professional Internship Program. Currently, I am moving to NYC where I will be the Assistant Director for Harmony.

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